Thank You

 ​   I really don’t know where to start while I was writing this. I sent you the link so that I won’t be explaining myself to each one of you my situation. You received it coz you play a big role in my life. Definitely, you’re special. You’re one of the people whom I really treasure. I always receive a message on how I was doing. I think most of you had known about my lung issues. Funny thing is some of you had even  said my lifestyle had been one of the cause why I ended up having it; because of the late night watching my favorite bands. It may have contributed but it’s not. It’s my stress buster. I appreciate every manager that I’ve worked with but definitely you’d feel if it’s worth the shot. Closest people knew that I always try to reach out but I know when to stop. I guess I’m just good at knowing if people really like me or not. Professionalism is very important just like a good relationship. Yes, blame my Psychology teacher. Well, she’s the best. As I’ve mentioned, I know when to stop. So, I resigned. It’s a hard decision but I know it would benefit myself and my family eventually. My lungs are doing fine now. Xray results were excellent. It’s just that last month we found out that I have Congenital Heart Disease. Good thing God prepared me on that day. I was able to meet Sister Sol and we had a good talk while I was eating breakfast. She asked me about my situation and she also had heart issue. I don’t know but I can’t control my tears while we were talking to each other. She said it’s okay to release it. It was an inspiring encounter with her. She shared her life in Cambodia. That’s hours before I found out I have this kind of illness. So, when the doctor told me about my situation, I was really prepared for everything. Well, for all of you who don’t know about this, it is problem in the structure of the heart that is present at birth. In my case, my ECG results were fine but my doctor heard murmurs so our next step is to do the 2D-echo since it’s more accurate. There’s an anterior mitral valve leaflet prolapse. My doctor said the way it pumps is different. You may google it so at least you’ll have an idea. It’s still mild and it’s benign according to her. It’s just that in my case, there’s no medicine to cure it. We can only lessen the rapid breathing of my heart and definitely I should be avoiding myself from strenous activities nor things that could trigger palpitation. I can only undergo operation when it’s severe and according to my research, little chances that people who undergo this kind of operation survive. God knows I still have a lot of things to do in this world. I still have a lot of dreams that I’m slowly reaching one by one. I’m glad that at least I was able to experience a gist of it. If we have known it earlier, for sure I won’t  have a chance to know you. It could have turned out differently. I may not have experience riding on a surfboard nor do wakeboarding or met my favorite musicians whom I can call now friends. 7years working at G was the best years of my life. No one can tell for how long I can be in this world but I’m glad, I was able to have the best people in my life. Don’t be sad coz according to my doctor, I can even give birth. Lol! Yes, it’s true. Well, 31years of existence in this world is something to be thankful for and I’m glad you’ve been part of it. This is not a goodbye letter rather a thank you message for being part of my life.


Author: IdaAvenido

Filipino.Introvert.On her journey towards self-discovery

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